White Hot Dragons (WHD) store is located in Pinellas Park, FL. The store specializes in bearded dragons and has a selection of colors (morphs) and ages to meet customer needs. The store has a comfortable atmosphere inviting customers to spend time with their dragons in the store prior to purchase.

WHD also carries other reptiles on occasion such as uromastyx, leopard geckos, and other popular lizard pets. All reptiles are given the most appropriate habitats and are handled daily. The store also carries an array of lighting, food, and other supplies needed to suit not only a bearded dragon but other lizard pets. WHD carries both Zilla and Zoo Med brands

White Hot Dragons
6612 69th Ave N
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Store: 727-442-4457

Appointments: 727-224-4293

The store also offers gut loaded live insect feeders for purchase. This includes a large variety of feeder choices such as various sizes of crickets, superworms, mealworms, butterworms, hornworms, waxworms, and even frozen mice for the snake lovers who visit the shop. WHD also carries fresh greens such as mustard greens in small portions for single dragon owners (if they exist LOL).

A Word About Pet Clinic

What to Expect

About the Owners

A friendly greeting.

Committed to providing the best care to our dragons and our customers dragons.


Genuine concern.

Offering high quality products that are affordable and reliable.


Professional service.

Over 10 years focusing on bearded dragons and the community that keeps them.

Amy has been a reptile enthusiast since childhood with wide experience caring for lizards and snakes of many species. She has focused her time on bearded dragons, as well as uromastyx and leopard geckos, since 2008 determined to raise the popularity of both lizards within the pet industry.

Together, Ken and Amy hope to see the bearded dragon become as commonplace as the dog or cat in people’s homes. Their theory is that offering more colorful and personable lizards as well as thorough consumer education is the key to achieving this vision.

White Hot Dragons (WHD) is a small business, located in Pinellas Park, Florida. WHD is owned, managed, and maintained by married couple, Ken Lettich and Amy Savage, and was founded on Ken’s reptile experience matched with Amy’s love for the bearded dragon.

Ken has been breeding and caring for reptiles for over 25 years. His specialties have included not only bearded dragons but day geckos, king snakes, boas, and iguanas. His experience in breeding and pet care have not been limited to reptiles including both past fish and canine breeding projects as well.