White Hot Dragons
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Tacoma, WA 98418
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Customer Service POLICY

Shipping Policy

We now ship our reptiles to the anywhere in the US. Please contact us, to make arrangements if you wish to purchase a dragon and have it shipped to you. We accept only Paypal or Visa/Mastercard for payment of shipped dragons. Shipping and handling is not included in listed pricing. Typically it estimates around $50.

If you are looking for a specific product, we also ship products through priority mail. Contact us for such purchases.

Weather Permitting!

We provide our animals the highest level of care in order to maintain health and vigor. This upbringing lays the foundation in a healthy animal for our customers, if they are continued to be kept under proper conditions. We do not sell hatchlings less than 6 weeks of age and we only sell those that meet our health requirements of ideal weight, length, appetite, and temperament.

Due to the possible contamination to animals in our care, we cannot accept a returned animal. However, we provide as much education to our customers, both prior and after purchase, as possible in order prepare and assist them for the commitment of owning a dragon. Please if you are dissatisfied with your dragon, contact us so we may work with you to find a solution.

White Hot Dragons has a 7 day guarantee on our dragons/live reptiles. This guarantee is void if customer neglect is at fault.

All supplies can be returned to the store unopened with receipt for full refund. If returned opened or without receipt, store credit will be issued. All returns must be made within 14 days of purchase.

White Hot Dragons believes that a good dragon owner is an informed one. We include care sheets that we have found most effective in raising our own dragons included in the care info section. Videos, links and information will be added to this section continually so please check back often.

We allow our customers to spend quality time in our store selecting and handling the dragons in order to find the right fit. This also ensures first time beardie owners the opportunity to experience a dragon first hand. Additionally, WHD encourages customers to contact us if they have any questions regarding their dragon both prior and after purchase. 

Customers who are interested in purchasing a dragon through the mail are encouraged to call us to discuss personally. Texting and email are acceptable up until final arrangements are to be made. At that point, a personal phone call is expected to ensure that our customer's questions and concerns are addressed prior to purchase by mail. We keep your convenience in mind in scheduling any correspondence and would never sell or redistribute your information to another party.

Please keep in mind that we attend to many aspects of the business on a short amount of man power to keep our prices competitive so if we do not answer your call upon receipt, leave a message/text or use social media and we will follow up with you within 24 hours.Customers calling with emergency medical questions are encouraged to call their licensed designated veterinarian instead right away

Guarantee/Return Policy