White Hot Dragons
4335 Pacific Ave. Unit B (in rear)
Tacoma, WA 98418
For Appointment: 727-224-4293

Nail Trim - Trim and buff nails to a healthy and comfortable length - $10

Spa Treatment - Includes nail trim, warm aloe enriched soak, safe cleansing wash, and coconut oil skin treatment - $18


Health Check - On site consultant review of dragon vitals and overall health with advice on care - FREE

UVB check - On site check of UVB lights to ensure output is optimum. Mercury vapors, coils, and linear fluorescents (bring fixture w/linear bulbs) - FREE

We open our doors to any bearded dragon in need as long as they do not pose a risk to our customer's or our own dragons. We are a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. If you find you can no longer keep your dragon for any reason and want to ensure that it is re-homed to an informed keeper, we will be happy to take in any dragon that is released to our care. We do not pay for re-home dragons. We will commit to finding them a safe and loving home. 

We often have to rehabilitate dragons that need extra care prior to being re-homed. Therefore a reasonable re-home fee is charged to the new keeper in some cases to replenish costs of care and to ensure dragons that are released to our care go on to a secure home.

We do buy dragons that are in good health at wholesale prices and at all ages. Inquire via email/phone if you are interested in either selling or re-homing your dragon(s).

Educational seminars - We offer a hands-on presentation accompanied with several species of friendly fun lizard pets along with detailed information about their origins, behaviors, and care. Available for private or public institutions. Inquire via phone/email. 

Birthday Parties - We bring our educational seminar to your personal party. Have a one-on-one hands-on experience with several live lizard pets and talk with a seasoned breeder and keeper of these beautiful and fun creatures. $150 per hour.

Lectures - Available for informative and entertaining lectures and talks for hobby clubs, expos, and herpetological groups seeking a consultant knowledgeable in the area of agamids. Fees are negotiable. Inquire via phone/email.